A love and lyrics podcast blog tackling all things life, love, loss, and heartache. Marrying modern-day relevant dialog to powerful love songs and timeless Ballads Ministerneecy runs interference for “souls” caught in the crosshairs of fading Faith and Cupid’s arrow, from a Christian’s point of view!

Growing up in Chi-town, as an African -American woman, Ministerneecy aka (Neecy) meets you are. Marrying reality with tranquility she assimulates her profound love for God and awe for timeless yet powerful love songs that provoke self-awareness, a desire to take self-inventory, and an appetite for spiritual and emotional reconciliation.  

The goal here is to help acknowledge, relate, help, and heal. For Ministerneecy, mending broken hearts is a natural labor of love that can only be carried out by those who have love in their hearts for others. To love means to accept one as he or she is, opt to empathize rather than judge. Her Sessions focuses on issues more unique to women than men but never discriminates. Basically, listeners can is deals with issues women one who loves while celebrating the beauty of

Growing up in Chi-town as an African -American woman, Ministerneecy aka Denise’s profound love for God and awe for beautiful love songs fuels her passion to keep timeless love songs and Gospel ballads alive. Featured love songs and stories that inspired them have both spiritual and therapeutic value. Many times powerful love songs and Gospel ballads have the ability to rejuvenate the ‘broken’ in ways words alone cannot.

The good thing about “Her Sessions” is there is no such thing as a topic too bad to talk about. If it’s on your heart put it on our heart!

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