Condolences 247
Lord I Need Thee. I know your grace is sufficient, but my faith is lacking.

Father, the first time I said, “this is the worst thing I’ve ever been through

was the day I lost my child. No matter how much time goes by, when I think of him, my eyes welt up, they cry.

The tears that roll down my face for my child are never in short supply. My God, it’s like they refuse to dry.

No matter what those who’ve never lost a child say, at the end of the day, it’s no way for them to know the price we pay.

No parent is ever prepared to outlive their child, bury them, mourn them, say goodbye or let them go!

For this reason, my heart is broken. My hope is shattered, my heart is broken in two.

But You, my Lord can help me make sense of his death, and his life loss of life because You called him home.

There was nothing I could do, nothing I could say to change the course God established for my child.

When time came, he was ready, I was not!

Father God,

You know my pain! You see my hurt!

You see through the shattered dreams draped across all my face!

You hear echoes of sorrow engrained in my voice.

My heart is broken in two! My eyes have no more tears to cry.

I can’t help myself, I must ask why? Why me? Why my child?

I Accept that there will always be questions about death mere humans will never understand…

Still I feel like I have no purpose , and no plan, that would lead me to place where I come to understand.

The only comfort I can take is knowing my child is in a better place, waiting

to see my face in heaven. On this glorious day I will cry no more.

Suffering will be a thing of the past!

Love will conquer sorrow, pain, and death at last!


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